The Info About Promenad Dating Site

Despite the abundance of websites and mobile dating applications, most people are afraid to look for relationships on the Web. The more offers, the harder it’s to choose a quality service that will help you find an interesting person and start communicating.

The Informatik developers team has deeply analyzed the market and formed its own vision of an ideal online dating service. Our goal is a product that effectively solves the main problems of users, saves time searching for the most suitable pair and ultimately connects people, despite the distances. Promenad — new generation dating service.

The uniqueness of Promenad lies in the special recommendation system and the virtual assistant with elements of artificial intelligence that has been developing by us — Cifra. Together they help match a couple, start a conversation and protect users from scammers.

While designing the service, we focused on security, using modern encryption and authentication methods, we have sought to ensure high confidentiality of personal correspondence and user data. You may be sure that your trip to the online dating world will be exciting and safe.

Dating services problems

Today at the online-dating marketplace there are many services that were initially supposed to help people cope with loneliness and find interlocutors, friends, partners, loved ones. Online dating was supposed to bring people together, but it gave rise to a huge number of problems:

  • Traditional dating services have become a magnet for scammers who brutally play on people's feelings. There are widespread schemes when swindlers rub themselves into the confidence of users and under any pretext they try to lure money: they ask for help, put pressure on pity, pretend to be sincerely in love. For residents of some countries, it becomes the main source of income.

  • Imbalance. In most cases, the main audience of services is men, who have to spend enormous efforts on finding a partner and rarely any of them receive messages from really interested girls. The second receive hundreds of messages, including obscene ones, which causes frustration in online dating as a phenomenon.

  • Many services are aimed solely at making profit and don’t care about users at all. They sell personal data, actively impose subscriptions that are difficult to cancel, show intrusive advertising, spawn fake accounts, imitating user activity.

Our solutions

Promenad — a service for secure dating and chatting on the Internet. The basis of the project is an intelligent system that helps solve the problems of spam, fakes and matchmaking.

Our mission is to create conditions so that there are fewer single people all over the world. We know that person needs only person for happiness. We believe that information technology will help people find each other.

Our users don’t need to have special knowledge and skills to start using the service. The interface is intuitive, and an intelligent recommendation system that assesses interests, demographic data, behavioral factors and processes natural language will provide relevant partner selection, which will greatly increase the efficiency of the service in comparison with analogues.

Cifra — a special assistant who will teach you how to use the service, will tell you what you can write in the first message, remind you that a message has arrived or someone has liked it.

Each profile passes a manual moderation and verification. We care about the safety of our users and strictly monitor that the service audience consists solely of reasonable people who are looking for partners and are set up for friendly communication.

We have an absolutely transparent monetization system. Free trial period doesn’t limit the functionality of the service, giving you the opportunity to fully experience all the benefits of the Promenad Premium Set. A subscription provides us with a reliable income to refine and improve the service.

New Horizons

Promenad isn’t an ordinary dating service. We want our users to feel comfortable. We are constantly improving our services for this.

In our immediate plans, the enhanced regional presence in English-speaking countries, including the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Further more! The goal is to unite people all over the world.

The Internet is not everything! Date in real life!

Promenad will have a catalog of meeting places based on user reviews, popularity & safety. The catalog will help you choose the right atmosphere, so that your acquaintances and dates go as you wish.

Road map

Q1 2018 — Service concept development
Q2 2018 — Start of service development
Q3 2018 — Web client development
Q2 2019 — Service beta testing
Q3 2019 — Basic functions launch
Q4 2019 — Entry into the US market