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Markus Markus

Markus, 28

< 1 mi away online
Will be straightforward: my relationship goals are deep connection, understanding and support. I am looking for a partner to share life together. I have been in relationship before, had some affairs and I already know what I am looking for. I am ready to meet a woman online via this dating app and create a more
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Meg Meg

Meg, 25

3 mi away offline
Hey, there! Here I would like to meet a friend. I have moved recently from my hometown and sometimes it is hard to be new in the city. So I am looking forward to meet a new friend on this app. Of course would be great to find love here as well. But I am taking it easy. Let’s meet more
Interests Travel Adventure Photography Fashion Philosophy Reading
Debby Debby

Debby, 20

5.3 mi away online
Honestly, I was suspicious about online dating before, but a friend of mine met a boyfriend online and got inspired. I am an easygoing girl, love music, dancing and meeting new people. I am doing my masters now and working as a waitress. Looking forward to meeting new friends and may be a more
Interests Music Dancing Sleep Adventure
Keisha Keisha

Keisha, 27

2.3 mi away online
I tried to date in my town but it is too small and I didn’t find anyone that I could connect with. So I decided to find love overseas and since this is the only dating app that allows changing your location for free, here I more
Interests Shopping Fashion Cooking Cinema
Colin Colin

Colin, 24

1.9 mi away offline
It seems there are no singles near me! All my  friends are dating so I decided to try this  dating  app. I love my neighborhood and would be perfect to find a girl (or if I am lucky to find love) who lives here more
Interests Travel Adventure Skiing Moto
Stephen Stephen

Stephen, 41

< 1 mi away offline
Dating  in your 40s is not an easy  thing, that is  why I am on this  dating  app. I am divorces, have a son, he  stays with me 3 days a week. I would like to meet a woman for whom this won’t be a more
Interests Sport Auto Gadgets Cinema Drawing
Clara Clara

Clara, 32

7 mi away online
I heard this is a dating app for 30s years old people. I got a bit tired on Tinder because I met so many immature people and I decided to try something new. Hope to find here people who know what they want and ready for more
Interests Yoga Theater Tennis
Sarah Sarah

Sarah, 29

4 mi away online
This dating app is free that’s why I am here. It is so frustrating that someone is trying to make money on people who are looking for love. I want to meet new friends, a partner and hopefully more
Interests Photography Sleep Pets
Holly Holly

Holly, 26

3.1 mi away offline
Today it is hard to find love and keep it. But I am still on this  way. First step  –  find love. Looking for  a  man who is fun, like sports and camping. Would be great if we share passion for reading as more
Interests Sport Travel Adventure Reading
Katrina Katrina

Katrina, 22

1.9 mi away online
I don’t want to meet a rich man, or even to meet a billionaire. I want to meet a good-hearted man who wants kids and family. Also I don’t mind meeting new friends to go for dinners, walks and travelling more
Interests Shopping Photography Fashion Fitness
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